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He is trying to poison me. You must come for me, Noemi. You have to save me. When glamorous socialite Noemi Taboada receives a frantic letter from her newlywed cousin begging to be rescued from a mysterious doom, it’s clear something is desperately amiss. Catalina has always had a flair for the dramatic, but her… Continue Reading →


‘The planet? How can I help the planet? The planet is so big and I’m so little!’ It’s easy for children to feel helpless about what they can do to influence the earth they live in. Their worlds are often limited to where we allow them to venture. Parents want to protect their children from… Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR: Scottish by Inclination

TITLE: Scottish by Inclination AUTHOR: Barbara Henderson PUB DATE: 23 June 2021 PUBLISHER: Luath Press GENRE: Non- fiction ‘Gradually I forgot I was a foreigner.’ Barbara Henderson has been Scottish by inclination for 30 years. She fell in love with Scotland and its people when she left Germany at the age of 19. Now a… Continue Reading →


It’s love . . . what could go wrong? When Josh proposes in a pod on the London Eye at New Years’ Eve, he thinks it’s perfect. Until she says no. And they have to spend the next 29 excruciating minutes alone together. Realising he can’t trust his own judgment, Josh decides from now on he will… Continue Reading →


This book centres around a wonderful holiday my husband Douglas and I had in Sri Lanka in 2017, with friends George and Sylvia, exploring our immediate surroundings and travelling further afield in this wonderful island. Each day brought new experiences ranging from relaxing to exhausting, amusing to thought provoking, straightforward and the very opposite! The… Continue Reading →


Genre: Picture Book/Children Book Number of Pages: 44 pages Date of Publication: 11/12/2019 Author/Illustrator/Publisher:  The author and Illustrator of this lovely book is Vibeke Flatman. The book was published by Edgar’s curious stories Ltd. Review:  A wonderful story with colourful illustrations. The main characters are two lovely birds called Alvin and Alice and in the story we learn how they met… Continue Reading →


ONE CANCELLED WEDDING When the day finally comes for Annie to marry Alexander, the last thing she expects is to be left standing at the altar. She was so sure he was Mr Right. Now, she has no idea how she could have got it so wrong. ONE UNEXPECTED ENCOUNTER After a chance meeting with Patrick,… Continue Reading →

YOU CAN’T PLAY WITH US!The Adventures of Bam & Jam

“Bam and Jam are big dogs with even bigger hearts. All they want in life is to make friends and be happy, but life isn’t always easy… Join Bam and Jam on their adventures as they face the many daily struggles of being a little bit different.” Genre: Picture Book/ Children Book  Age Appropriate: 3-7 years’ old… Continue Reading →


It’s 200 years since Cinderella found her prince, but the fairytale is over.  Sophia knows the story though, off by heart. Because every girl has to recite it daily, from when she’s tiny until the night she’s sent to the royal ball for choosing. And every girl knows that she has only one chance. For the… Continue Reading →


Amy has a normal life. That is, if you were to go by a definition of ‘no obvious indicators of peculiarity’, and you didn’t know her very well. She has good friends, a good job, a nice enough home. This normality, however, is precariously plastered on top of a different life. A life that is… Continue Reading →


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