Her Majesty’s Royal Coven

Hidden among us is a secret coven of witches. They are Her Majesty’s Royal Coven. They protect crown and country from magical forces and otherworldly evil. But their greatest enemy will come from within.

There are whisperings of a prophecy that will bring the coven to its knees, and five best friends are about to be caught at the centre. Life as a modern witch was never simple…but now it’s about to get apocalyptic.

Prepare to be bewitched by Juno Dawson’s first adult series. A story of ancient prophecies and modern dating, of sacred sisterhood and demonic frenemies.

Genre: Fantasy

Number of Pages: 464 Pages

Date of Publication: 21/07/2022


The author of this book is Juno Dawson and my special edition copy is from Fairy Loot. This book was published by Harper Collins Publishers.


Witches, Warlocks, Demons and politics are mixed together to create a really good story. I was pleased to receive this book in my monthly adult box subscription and I loved the stencilled edges and the cool dust jacket of the book with art that represented and illustrated it so well.

I actually had the great opportunity of seeing Juno last month at Toppings for her book tour and wow she is one of the nicest authors ever. I love her sense of humour and the depth of research she did for her book.

HMRC sucked me right into its story and I loved how, from the very beginning we get magic and an amazing world. We get powerful modern witches with different mindsets and ideals and we are able to see through their stories what motivates them to support or oppose different political ideas. With power comes great responsibility and we are shown how making certain decisions can change the course of the future. One of the things I enjoyed was seeing how realistic and well imagined the friendships were and how believable they were. Friendship isn’t always nice and happy and individuals can be friends without agreeing on and sharing every belief.

There are also a lot of social issues explored in HMRC which we see every day in our own world and Dawson wrote them perfectly into her book. 

The last chapter left me in shock… I was like, I need the second book right now!! I just can’t explain how badly I need the second book.

Overall I truly enjoyed this book and recommend it highly.

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