There it is again, hope. The defeat and the despair I can stand, but it’s the hope that kills me, as if the Cause wasn’t lost, as if Father hadn’t died in vain. As if any one of us could possibly come out of this alive…

Following the death of his father, 13-year-old Archie MacDonald has lost faith in the Jacobite Cause. Having witnessed their clan’s terrible defeat at the Battle of Culloden, Archie and his feisty cousin Meg flee back to Lochaber to lie low.

Or so they think.

Until the fugitive Prince’s life depends on them.

When Prince Charles Edward Stuart looks to the people of Borrodale for help, will the young stable boy support the rebellion that has cost him so dearly?

With enemies closing in, the Prince’s fate now rests in the hands of a stable boy and a maid with a white cockade.

Who will survive this deadly game of hide-and-seek?

Genre: Fiction, Historical, Children

Number of Pages: 192 Pages

Date of Publication: 30/05/2022


The author is Barbara Henderson and the book has been published by Luath Press.

Rating: 5/5


Today is my stop on the book blog tour for ‘The Reluctant Rebel, A Jacobite Adventure’. I can absolutely tell you that I really enjoyed this book.  Its filled with adventure, friendship and a wonderful historical setting featuring Scotland. This is a perfect book for older children with an interesting in learning about Scottish history or simply fans of exciting novels.  Barbara’s writing is just beautiful.  Simple and easily understandable but using the the perfect amount historical language to keep the children engaged with her book and immersed in the time period. 

Archie and Meg are cousins who are just 13 years old and are perfect characters for this book and the setting.  They show so much strength, loyalty and willingness to help others no matter what despite not always agreeing while they try to protect Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) from his enemies.  

This book will transport you to the 17th century and you will find yourself learning about the events of the time while also enjoying an intriguing story. The research behind this book was extensive as the details, dates and characters are accurate. This is truly a delightfully adventurous book full of historical events and settings.

One of the features of this book that I loved is the glossary contained at the end of the book.  It is simple but so useful for children to learn new vocabulary and the meaning of new words.

What a delightful, unique and original book that you won’t want to put down even as an adult. I actually finished this book in a day. Every time I read a book from Henderson it makes me want to visit the places that she talks about so now I am here sitting planning a little trip. 

Thank you so much Barbara and Luath press for my gifted copy.


Availability: The book is coming out on the 30th of May and you can pre-order it now.

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