The Hating Game

Nemesis (n.) 1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.
2) A person’s undoing
3) Joshua Templeman

Lucy Hutton has always been certain that the nice girl can get the corner office. She’s charming and accommodating and prides herself on being loved by everyone at Bexley & Gamin. Everyone except for coldly efficient, impeccably attired, physically intimidating Joshua Templeman. And the feeling is mutual.

Trapped in a shared office together 40 (OK, 50 or 60) hours a week, they’ve become entrenched in an addictive, ridiculous never-ending game of one-upmanship. There’s the Staring Game. The Mirror Game. The HR Game. Lucy can’t let Joshua beat her at anything—especially when a huge new promotion goes up for the taking.

If Lucy wins this game, she’ll be Joshua’s boss. If she loses, she’ll resign. So why is she suddenly having steamy dreams about Joshua, and dressing for work like she’s got a hot date? After a perfectly innocent elevator ride ends with an earth shattering kiss, Lucy starts to wonder whether she’s got Joshua Templeman all wrong.

Maybe Lucy Hutton doesn’t hate Joshua Templeman. And maybe, he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game.

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Number of Pages:  384 Pages

Date of Publication: 07/09/2017


The author is Sally Thorne. The book was published by Little, Brown Book Group.

Rating: 5/5


Bookstagram made me do it! After seeing so many amazing reviews I had to read this book and it didn’t disappoint. It was sexy, cute, funny and well written. This book was a rollercoaster of emotions. I loved Lucy and Josh’s love/hate relationship and their personalities and conversations. The chemistry was there from the beginning which was really cute and fun to read. 

The story is a bit predictable but Thorne’s writing makes it entertaining and engaging. While the basic premise of two people who begin the story hating each other later falling in love is cliché the detail and complexity of the character backgrounds and their actual interactions is brilliantly written and despite being a predictable outcome the setup is excellent.

We also get a glimpse of how each of the characters were brought up and how this influenced their personalities and approach to life and each other. It is also nice to see how the character’s complement each other and how both helped each other with their fears and brought out the others positive traits.

This is a light read so this is a perfect cosy book.

I am also very excited to watch the movie as I really wanted to read the book first. 

Availability: The book is available in all good bookshops.

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