Follow the trials and tribulations of Frida, Frank, Felicity, Florence, Freddie and Spud Flamingo. Our pink feathered friends are from four different parts of the world and are forced to set off to find a safe home after encountering a variety of problems that are affecting their habitats.

This is a story about resilience that sheds a light on the many environmental issues that flamingos are facing around the world.

Genre: Children’s book

Number of Pages: 46 Pages

Date of Publication:  29/08/2021


The writer is A.V.Owen and the Illustrator is Maria F. Rojas.


This is such a cute, bright and fun book for children. There is a lot of pink and fun colourful art. Frida Flamingo is our main character. She realised that her lake was getting dryer so the whole flamingo colony would have to go somewhere else. In another remote place there was Frank, another flamingo, who also realises that his place was lacking water and that his land had been invade by people mining under the lake. There is also the story of another group of flamingos called Felicity, Florence and Freddie. 

Each of the flamingos have a reason to leave their home and children are able to realise that flamingos need to have a nice place to live. The cute illustrations will help younger children follow the story and for everyone else they are so fun to look at. The book is based on real situations that Flamingos go through so children are learning while reading or while the book is read to them.

I really like the idea of having facts about the flamingos at the end of the book as kids are always asking questions about what they read. There is lots of really fascinating information about them to do with their lifestyle, how tall are they, what they eat and much more. 

This book also contains a ‘Meet the Expert’ section which features Paul Rose who is and zoologist and animal behaviour scientist. He explains why flamingos act certain ways as well as how and why they need our help.

This is definitely a very cute book that kids will love and can teach what an amazing animal flamingos are. Did I mention that the book is primarily bright pink which gets a great nod from me? I do love the colour pink very much.

Availability: The book is Available on Amazon.

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