‘The planet? How can I help the planet? The planet is so big and I’m so little!’

It’s easy for children to feel helpless about what they can do to influence the earth they live in.

Their worlds are often limited to where we allow them to venture.

Parents want to protect their children from the scary outside world, but in doing so, children often grow up being disconnected from their social communities, and connected for hours on end, to their devices.

Noura Saves the Planet is about a young girl who, while bored on her school holidays, goes on an adventure with her feline friend Lentils, in search of ways to better shape her world.

Noura’s understanding of “saving the planet” is challenged by the fact that she knows she can’t venture too far from home, so she comes across acts of kindness that she can do locally.

Filled with diverse characters from all walks of life, this colourful and unique book is the perfect tool to help parents teach their children about the power they hold in their little hands.

Young readers will be inspired to believe that they do have the ability to change the world, even if it is locally, one step at a time. Join Noura and Lentils, as they discover that there is more than one way to make the world a better place.

Genre: Children Book / Picture Book

Age Appropriate: 3-8 years’ old

Number of Pages: 40 pages

Date of Publication: 15/07/2021


The author of this book is Rufia Valiff and ‘Noura Saves the Planet’ is her first children’s book. The illustrator is the very talented Victoria Highet.


This is such a charming book with cute illustrations and a very good message for children. Summer holidays are here and the story in this book provides a great example of how we can encourage children to try and find someone who needs help.

Noura is a young girl who is trying to find something to do during the school holidays and her mum encourages to go out and find someone to help and/or help the planet. Even though the idea of saving the planet sounds impossible the story shows children that even small acts of kindness or simple tasks performed for others can help people and the planet.

Helping in any way teaches children that they can make a big difference to people and to certain situations. The author achieves the goal of transmitting this message to children with her writing and the cute illustrations add personality to the story.

I got the amazing opportunity to review ‘Noura Saves the Planet’ as an e-book before the publication day and this was definitely a privilege. I can’t wait to get a physical copy so my boys can keep exploring it.

Thank you so much Rufia for sharing your book with us.

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