This book centres around a wonderful holiday my husband Douglas and I had in Sri Lanka in 2017, with friends George and Sylvia, exploring our immediate surroundings and travelling further afield in this wonderful island. Each day brought new experiences ranging from relaxing to exhausting, amusing to thought provoking, straightforward and the very opposite! The holiday provided an ideal opportunity to chat and reminisce about previous holidays we’d had with sons David and Andrew or cousins and friends. Our holidays have changed hugely over the years from simple caravan holidays in our Scottish homeland to jetting across the world, adapting to different climates and cultures. Journey with me as we holiday in Sri Lanka and recount tales from around the globe: Iceland, America, India, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Italy, London, Madeira, South Africa, Dubai, Canada, Austria and Australia My hope is you’ll feel you’re on holiday with me as you read.

Genre: Travel 

Number of Pages: 262 Pages

Date of Publication: 24/08/2020


The author of this book is Margaret Moore and the book was published by TSL Publications.


The book is about a trip that Margaret and her husband took to Sri Lanka in 2017 with friends. The book focuses on recounting the events, experiences and personal stories of her previous trips around the world. 

The book is written like if it was a friend talking to you which makes you comfortable and look forward to hearing about all her experiences. Margaret has travelled to a wide variety of locations and some of those places I now want to go and visit thanks to her colourful descriptions.

This is such cosy book through which Margaret lets us experience her travels by her retelling of fascinating personal stories, told in a way that it just feels like we were part of the whole experience. Reading this book during the pandemic and the current travel restrictions made me realise how important it is to keep the memories of our own travels alive and to share them with our friends and families as the freedom to experience the world shouldn’t be taken for granted.

After studying tourism at University and having moved halfway around the world I love to hear about other peoples adventures and their travel experiences and any tips or memories that they have to share. I am hopeful that the travel restrictions will ease soon so that people can start traveling again and enjoying what the world has to offer.

Having a book that talks about your own experiences during your travels being published is amazing and a huge achievement so congratulations to Margaret Moore.

Availability: The book is available on the publisher website and good bookshops.

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