Genre: Picture Book/Children Book

Number of Pages: 44 pages

Date of Publication: 11/12/2019


The author and Illustrator of this lovely book is Vibeke Flatman. The book was published by Edgar’s curious stories Ltd.


A wonderful story with colourful illustrations. The main characters are two lovely birds called Alvin and Alice and in the story we learn how they met and how they become a family. The writing is beautiful as it is put together in rhyme which children really like and appreciate and this makes it fun to read aloud. Children who are just starting to get confident with their reading will also benefit from this story as the language is simple which makes it perfect for practicing.

This is such an eye catching picture book because of the super cute illustrations which each feature a rainbow in a variety of different ways. Some feature a proper rainbow while others have the rainbow colours blended into the picture which is very imaginative and makes the art flow nicely from page to page. I also really liked the quirky font that was used to tell the story and how when a colour is named the text is actually in that colour, this is such a sweet touch and one that children will enjoy as an aid to learning. The author also included a definition of some of the tricky words which is also great for children.

The story is so sweet and can be told over and over with children and adults continuing to enjoy it again and again. 

Availability:  The book is available in all good bookshops.

Copy Gifted.

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