YOU CAN’T PLAY WITH US!The Adventures of Bam & Jam

“Bam and Jam are big dogs with even bigger hearts. All they want in life is to make friends and be happy, but life isn’t always easy… Join Bam and Jam on their adventures as they face the many daily struggles of being a little bit different.”

Genre: Picture Book/ Children Book 

Age Appropriate: 3-7 years’ old

Number of Pages: 36 pages

Date of Publication: 28/05/2021


The author of this book is Rhys Clarkson and the illustrations were created by Olga Vinter.


‘The Adventures of Bam & Jam’ is a children’s book where the main characters are two adorable dogs that were super excited about their trip to the park and where they hope to find other dogs to play with. Unfortunately, the other dogs weren’t to keen to play with Bam & Jam as they saw them as being different to them.

Bam & Jam felt really sad about the whole situation and they just wanted to get back home no matter how much their mum & dad (their humans) tried to cheer them up. While on their way to the car some other dogs who were also playing came to them and tried to play and although our main characters were a bit hesitant because of how mean the other dogs had been they finally realized how different and friendly these dogs were compared to the other ones.

The message about inclusion and friendship present in this lovely story is wonderful with beautiful illustrations that follow the story perfectly and which display the feelings and emotion that the story talks about.

This is such a good book that talks about the importance of inclusion and friendship from an early age.

Availability:  The book is available on all good bookshops.

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