Meet Wesley Walrus and his brave and kind children, Will and Wendy as they go on an adventure to find their new home. Instead, the happy family of three find that something is changing in the Arctic. Wesley, Will and Wendy Walrus teach us the importance of staying together in an ever changing world.

Genre: Picture Books, Children books

Age appropriate: 3+

Number of Pages: 42 pages

Date of Publication: 26/01/2021


Written by A. V. Owen a primary school teacher who writes stories that have a moral and underlying ethical or environmental dilemmas and Illustrated by Maria F. Rojas.

Published by Anasfables.

Rating: 5/5


This is such a lovely book for children with so many environmental and wildlife facts about Walruses and how their environment is changing. The story has a lot of repetition which is great for children and also the rhyming prose was really nice to read out loud. The family of Walrus and the whole story is well complemented with very cute illustrations with lovely colours.

Climate change is an important topic for everyone especially children and this book provides a look at the real life struggle that walruses are facing and explained in a simple way that children can understand.  A big part of the story is about having a loving dad which is super cute with the Walrus dad wanting to find a safe place for his children and refusing to stop until he found somewhere where they all could be together.

Wesley, Will and Wendy are the protagonists of this story and are utilised to explain a few facts about Walruses such as their size, lifestyle, what they eat and more with all this written in a simple and easy way for children to understand.

At the end of the book there is a special collaboration with Laura Jourdan a Biologist, Expedition Guide and wildlife photographer who shares her experience in Antartica and the Arctic.

There are some amazing printable activities at www.anasfables.com from the story and which are great addition for children.

Availability: The book is available as a Paperback on Amazon

Thank you so much A.V. Owen for our copy of this lovely book.

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