If you enjoy slice of life stories with a touch of Bridget Jones Diary, Love Bites is the perfect guilt free treat. Seven short stories about relationships that bite. Relationships between men and women, friends, families and women and women. The protagonists are from different ages, and places, but they have one thing in common, love.

Relationships are complicated. Is there ever really such a thing as happy ever after? After all, even in the happiest of relationships one person is usually left alone at the end, by death if not divorce. Each of the stories explore the complexity of the question, ‘What is true love, and what happens when it ends?’ The stories vary from whimsical to dark with shades of light and humour.

Genre: Short stories collection 

Age appropriate: Adult 

 Date of Publication: 2020


Liza Miles is the writer of this self-published book. She was born in Romford, Essex but has lived in Canada for 21 years. She has always had a passion about writing and started her life as documentary film maker and later moved into expressive arts, therapy and family meditation. 

These short stories were written during the lockdown as Liza finally decided to put a book together. She also has written a novel in the YA genre which will be coming out in March 2021, and a second collection of short stories in the Love Bites series called ‘Little Bites of Love’ which she will be releasing in time for Valentine’s day 2021.

Liza is also an avid reader and she loves murder mysteries and is a fan of Ian Rankin, Agata Christie, PD James and Ruth Rendell.

Rating: 4 out of 5


This book is a bit different from what I normally review but as I stated before I love reading and I would be including reviews from books that I personally enjoyed regardless of target audience or genre.

Love Bites is a book about relationships that had an impact on people’s life’s in different ways. This is a book that was written thinking about a wide reading audience.  I assumed from the name of the book and the happy art on the cover that it would contain a collection of soppy love stories.  In fact, a number of the stories did not contain anything that could be described as romance at all and were more about different types of relationship people experience in their lives.

The characters in each of the stories are from different ages and backgrounds and all of them had their own complicated relationship and a different way to see what is truly important to them.  This book is very inclusive with characters with different sexualities, beliefs and nationalities and doesn’t hold back in including topics which could be controversial.  I really like that the main characters were all unique and well portrayed and once I had started a story I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. There were times were I actually wished a story had continued as the plot was really well conceived and could easily have been the foundation for a book on its own.

Short stories are great for a quick read but the message each of them contained were powerful and meaningful which makes the book as a whole well worth reading.

I definitely enjoyed some stories more than others as a few were more every day and grounded while other were much more exciting and full of suspense.  For example, my favourite story’s was ‘The Herbalist’ and how once upon a time people who worked with herbs were called witches.  It followed the adversarial relationship between one of these women, her girlfriend and a priest who hated them and contained a complex backstory.  We can definitely see that the author loves mystery and in a few of her stories this is clear as she managed capture elements of suspense really well.

This book is easy to read but I just wish the font of the writing was a bit bigger and that it had a little more space between lines as it could be hard for some people to read.  The use of language is good but it does have a lot of British ways of saying things which if you are not familiar with it can be a bit confusing. 

Overall the book is enjoyable and if you are looking for a quick read this can be an especially good option.

 Availability: This book is available on Amazon 

Thank you so much Liza for gifting me a copy of your book which I enjoyed reading.

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