Everybody loves the stars but have you ever loved them enough to steal them? When a little girl decides she wants a real star of her own she can’t resist taking them all. What she doesn’t realise is that taking the stars will have disastrous consequences for her and millions of other children around the world. But what will it take for her to give them back?

Genre: Children’s book

Age appropriate: 4-8 years’ old

Date of Publication: 09/10/2020


This book was written and Illustrated by the very talented Corrina Campbell who amazingly is the third Little Door Debut to be published by Little Door Books which is an independent publisher. An interesting detail is that Corrina is a self-taught author and illustrator.

Rating: 5/5


This is Corrina’s debut picture book and let me tell you that it’s just beautiful. The writing is simple and the size and font is just perfect for kids who are starting to read and the text is designed to be part of the illustrations with the colours and font changing to match the drawings perfectly.  This makes the writing more visually interesting and the change in size or design on the words might give new readers a few clues as to what the words mean.  The illustrations are lovely and they show clearly what the story is saying. 

My youngest boy is always trying to identify with characters in a story he hears and in this case he really liked that the girl loved the stars and that she was clever enough to ask Santa for a ladder to reach them and thought it is something he might do. Santa brought her a magical ladder which my son thought was the coolest present ever. The story is so magical but also shows how different people can have different feelings about the same situation which could help children to understand that sometimes something that makes us happy or sad might not make everyone else feel the same. In this case the little girl was really happy about owning the stars and having them in her bedroom but realised the stars felt sad and quickly lost their sparkle as their missed the sky. Also this book has a good moral which is that sometimes our actions have consequences, as the little girl finds out in the story.

This book is really lovely and it does have a festive season feeling which is great as this book would be a lovely Christmas present but also it is a story that can be read all year around. I know that I am going to be reading it as a bed time story quite often.

Overall we all loved the book and the illustrations. It contains gently presented lessons which is great for younger children and makes it perfect for sitting and having a chat about the topics and the lessons found inside. Even my 9-year-old boy was happy to sit with us and listen to the story which he then read on his own.

Recommendation: Corrina has an amazing collection of resources on her website themed around the book. The activities will definitely keep younger children entertained for a while. You can find the packs here.

Availability: Paperback Edition is available in all Good Bookshops.

Last week I spotted this book in Blackwell’s South Bridge in Edinburgh J

Thank you so much Little Door Books for providing me with a Paperback edition for my boys which they absolutely love.

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