A trip to the bookshop is always so relaxing and I always look forward to seeing which books my boys will choose. My youngest is always the first to pick one and is always looking for books with adventures.  His choice this time was ‘The Lights on Cotton Rock’


Heather is a little girl who wants to go to Outer Space, where the stars sparkle with magic and wonder. When a spaceship lands at Cotton Rock it seems that all of her dreams have come true. But soon the alien has to leave. Will the spaceship ever come back? And if it does, is Heather ready to leave everything on Earth behind?


This is such a nice story and visually stunning. It is a lovely book aimed at children between 4-7 years old but I will definitely like to note that it has beautiful art and a lovely message that anyone can enjoy. The vocabulary is simple and the story is easy to follow with long sequences of pictures. The illustrations are very detailed and invite children to explore them and much of the story can be understood from following the illustrations. As some of the pages have a whole story just told through pictures it requires the children to use their imagination and to tell the story themselves. My younger boy loves aliens and this is such a great story with a friendly alien and his spaceship.

Well… I have to be honest with you this book was a success with both my boys and with myself. This story has a very important lesson about family and love and how important this is in our life. Sometimes we look for something for so long but we do not realise that what we were looking for is right in front of us. The pace of the story is well balanced and there is a big expectation of what is going to happened.

A stunning, heart-warming and heart-breaking story where the main character show her emotions, thoughts and wishes. 


David Litchfield is the author and illustrator of this wonderful story. His work is well recognised and he has under his arm books like ‘The Bear and the Piano’ ‘Grandad’s Secret Giant’ ‘The Bear, the Piano & Little Bear’s Concert’ ‘The Bear, the Piano, the Dog & the Fiddle. He also has illustrated a number of other picture books for other authors.

‘Lights on Cotton Rock’ was published by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd which is one of the world’s most respected creators of picture books and gift titles that celebrate cultural diversity, as well as narrative non-fiction.

The book is available in most book shops. We got ours from Waterstones.

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