The Dinosaur that Pooped a Pirate

So, schools started back this past week and my boys are so happy to be going back and to see all their friends and teachers. As a little present I got them a book that I thought they would enjoy as it looked funny and very imaginative.


Danny and Dinosaur sailed out to sea on a ship that was crooked and old.

With a map Dan ’s hand of a faraway land, where a pirate had buried his gold…

About the book

Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter are the writers behind this amusing book full of adventure and a lot of slightly immature imagination.

Tom Fletcher is famous for being a member of the band McFly and has also become a bestselling children’s author. Dougie Poynter is also a member of McFly and was the writer behind many of the song lyrics.  An interesting fact about him is that is he has been obsessed with dinosaurs since he was a child. 

Garry Parson is the amazing illustrator who brings the story alive with funny drawings. The cover of the book is so cool as it has a shiny foil cover which attracts the attention of the children.

The publisher is Penguin Random House Children’s UK and the general release date of the book is 20/08/2020 but it is available as a Waterstones exclusive already.


This is the first book of The Dinosaur that Pooped series that I have bought for my boys. My youngest boy absolutely loved the idea of a dinosaur pooping.  I have found through my years of raising boys (I am from a family with just myself and a sister) that boys do tend to chat about farts and poop in a very casual and relaxed way with their friends and there is something about this book that just clicks in all those conversations.

The book is written in rhyme which makes it reading it out loud really fun for children. The main characters are Danny and Dinosaur who sail out to sea with a map of a hidden treasure. This story is full of funny experiences with the mermaids, pirates and animals on the island and the children are able to use their imagination to follow the story. The Dinosaur is a cute and likeable character who absentmindedly eats pretty much every other object and character introduced in the story.

This is a great buy for younger children who love adventures, silly jokes and don’t mind toilet humour. The language used in the story is really good for those kids who are learning to read as it will encourage them to practice their reading skills and this is one that my younger son will definitely be asking me to read to him often and it is an altogether great book.

A warning for parents! If you are new to the series and have a sensitive disposition, I will recommend not eating anything just before or after reading the book lol.

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