The Squirrels Who Squabbled

We had such pleasent weather last week that I took my boys to the Royal Botanic Gardens that they always love so much. My boys enjoy their time in nature and they absolutely love it when they see the squirrels that live in the gardens, they are always trying to spot them. My oldest boy went to the gift shop with his dad, and yeah, he ended up with two books that he picked himself and I wasn’t surprised to see that one of the books he had chosen featured squirrels.


Greedy squirrels Cyril and Bruce both have their sights on a very special prize: THE VERY LAST NUT OF THE SEASON! As the nut bounces crazily though the forest, the squirrels race after it, between the trees, over boulders, down the river and – ARGH! – right to the edge of a waterfall! Working together might be the only way to save themselves now.


‘The Squirrels Who Squabbled’ is a book for pre-schoolers (3-5 years old) although it has a lot to offer not just to pre-school children but for slightly older ones as well. The book is written in rhyme so it sounds really nice when it is read aloud which my youngest boy loves and means he will ask me every night to read it to him (be warned). The use of language in this book is a bit advanced than usual for 3 to 5 year olds which is great for my oldest son’s vocabulary and grammar as he can read this book on his own.

This is a story about Cyril and Bruce, two squirrels who wouldn’t share a pine cone.  While trying to get it they fight for it and end up losing it because how greedy they were and ended in so much trouble that they needed to learn to work together.

The illustrations of this book are so creative, the colours have an autumn vibe which is lovely to see as they capture the story perfectly and the expressions used by the characters are great. This creative illustration was made by Jim Field who is an award-winning illustrator.

The story was written by Rachael Bright who did a great job bringing this amazing story to life with so many colourful descriptions and with a lovely message for children. This book shows children how squabbling about silly things could lead to a ‘no fun’ situation and that is always better to share and laugh with friends/siblings instead of arguing. My boys can be little rivals sometimes and the lesson of this is so lovely that we can talk about how friendship is more important than anything else and sharing is a positive and great thing.

We got the paperback edition which contains 32 pages. This book was published by Hachette Children’s group.

If anyone is interested Jim Field shows on his Instagram account @_jimfield how to make your own squirrel from the story which is lovely and which my children really enjoy drawing, so they now have their own squirrel pictures.

Thank you so much for reading this review and I am so looking forward to write more and share them with all of you.

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