The Moonshine Dragon

I can’t believe that the children in Scotland have been already on holiday for two weeks. Time does fly by and luckily the weather has been nice here in Edinburgh. It has been lovely so we have done a lot of outdoor activities, although we still trying to fit arts and crafts in during the day. To let you all in on a secret I am not very good at crafty things but luckily my husband is, so he is the one doing all the arts with them. One of my boy’s activities was to learn about dragons and afterwards he was excited to find a lovely book with another dragon on the cover and that I wanted to share with all of you.


‘The Moonshine Dragon’ When a tiny silver dragon is chased out of Patrick’s storybook by an equally tiny knight, all sorts of mayhem breaks loose! Soon Moonshine magic has shrunk Patrick too, and he is force to hole up inside his toy castle as the knight attacks the ‘fire worm’. Can Patrick defeat the knight and make it to morning?


I love this brilliant book because it has a lot to offer and it is perfect for younger readers (5-8 years’ old) who are just starting to read on their own. One amazing feature of this book is that has a dyslexia friendly layout and perfectly sized special font printed on high quality cream paper which gives a wider range of children the opportunity to enjoy and read it.

Personally I love a book that can be read by a wide group of children and adults, and is also inclusive of people with dyslexia.  The book contains 96 pages and 4 chapters which are easy to read and great for introducing new vocabulary without being too confusing. This story is narrated which helps the children use their imagination all with the great use of very descriptive language.

This story was written by Cornelia Funke which is a great German author and who has written great books including the ‘Inkheart trilogy’ which got made into a so-so action film starring Brenden Fraiser.

‘The Moonshine Dragon’ has a similar feeling from her other works. In this story we find a dragon, a Knight, a book, magic and adventure. A boy called Patrick is the protagonist of this story and he helps a dragon who comes out of a story book and who is being chased by a knight to stay safe. The characters and the plot are very well described and the book contains illustrations which are cartoony and soft in colours and which helps the story to come to life and that where created by Monica Armino. The publisher of this book is Barrington Stoke Ltd.

I got the book in a paperback edition at Waterstones online and as always they were great delivering it quickly and in great condition. I will definitely recommend this book to children who enjoy reading independently or who are just starting reading a little more complicated books and who love adventures.  

In a bit of news I have decided to share a bit more information about books, events, activities for children, maybe some craft ideas on my Instagram and FB page so If you would like to be part of this please follow me.

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