Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue

Time seem to be going so fast and I just can’t believe how busy I seem to be getting with all the home schooling and activities that my boys have been getting. I just hope the weather stays nice so that we can be able to do more outdoor activities and it’s been so great to be able to read outside.

Home-schooling has been so rewarding though and I think I have learnt a lot more about how each of my boys learn than I knew before. While my youngest is more into art and numbers my other son is into literacy and outdoor sports, so yeah, I have tried to implement different ways to teach each of them in ways they will enjoy and that work well when they are working together.

Reading time has become one of the highlights of our day which makes me so happy as I personally love reading about anything and everything so to see my boys starting to get into books is awesome.

This past week during our home-schooling literacy time my oldest boy was able to independently read the “Kitty and the Moonlight rescue”.  We were initially going to read it together but he decided himself that it was better to read the book on his own which was great. Sometimes it’s so good to see your kid take a book, sit in a sofa and be able to read it all by themselves and to enjoy the story which in this case was full of adventure and magic even when you were looking forward to reading it yourself.

Paula Harrison the author did an amazing job writing a book which helps younger kids to read independently. The vocabulary and language is perfect for children who are starting to read on their own and the story is full of adventures, magic and friendship which children love and motivates them to read about. The author used to be a primary teacher and it is clear that she knows how to attract the attention of children and the vocabulary best suited to them.

The illustrations in this book are high contrast black and orange with a bold and minimalist style which works really well visually and the drawings really make the story come to life. The illustrations were created by Jenny Lovlie who loves using bold colours in her work. 

This book contains 6 chapters spread over 126 pages. This story is perfect for kids in their early primary school years, 6-8 years old, although the story is simple and full of adventure that I would personally be happy reading it to a younger child. The book introduces some of its characters at the beginning and described their personalities which helped my children know facts about them and when they are introduced in the story they already have an idea of their personalities and who they are. Another great feature about this book is that at the end of the story there are some facts about cats which my boys didn’t know and they were excited to be able to learn more about them.

Kitty and the moonlight tells the story of a little girl who has special powers and who is able to speak to cats. One night a cat comes to ask for help and Kitty needs to find the courage to go out in the dark night. She finds new friends and she is able to discover her special powers and to be able to be a true hero. This book has a girl as its heroin which is so lovely to see and I am so pleased that I was able to find this book for my boys. The book was published by Oxford University Press in 2019. 

There are three other books in the series which I will be getting soon as I can and would definitely say that this book has helped my boys with their confidence in reading independently and the way it was written has helped to improve their reading skills.

I hope everyone is well and I look forward to find more exciting books with my boys

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