THE TATTOO FOX makes new friends

We decided to read the sequel of the Tattoo Fox as we really enjoyed the first book and it was such a cute story. The book was written by Alasdair Hutton and it contains illustrations by Stephen White who provided the art for the first book and yet again does a great job illustrating it. It contains 122 pages which are well proportioned with the mix beautiful writing and illustrations. The sentences are short and there are breaks in the text every few lines which makes it easy for novice readers to follow.

As the title of the book suggests the little fox is going to meet new friends with different backgrounds and from around different parts of Edinburgh. In this book you can expect more adventures and to learn some details of the history of Edinburgh. The Fox’s friendship and loyalty to the castle cat continues and this time the Fox’s new family join them on some of the adventures.

The sequel starts where the first book left off so my boys were able to pick up the story from the very first page and they started trying to guess what was going to happened to the Fox this time around.  The language is a little more advanced than the first book but still easy enough to understand.  My boys learnt some new words and new ways to say a few phrases. We found it a bit more complex that the first book but none the less very entertaining.

While reading this book with my boys, we were able to identify with the little fox and her kits and as a Mum I love taking my boys on walks around Edinburgh having our own adventures so it was really nice to hear my boys say “like us” while reading about the places they visit. Another reason that I especially loved this book is because it mentions bits of Edinburgh’s history and places that we have visited before which was so nice. Another plus is that they were able to learn history through a fictional work. I’ll concede that if your child had no knowledge or connection to Edinburgh they might find it less engaging than mine did. As I said about the first book if you are not too familiar with Edinburgh it will be useful to do some research before reading the book but I would definitely still encourage children and parents to read it as it is such a good story.

The book was published by Luath press as well and both books are currently in stock in its website.

I will finish this review by saying that now on our usual daily walk my boys have been on the lookout for a fox and a cat. They definitely want to be able to see the tattoo fox and the castle cat one day.

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